Salesforce APIs And Integrations

We master Salesforce integrations with other systems securely, using SOAP/REST with XML/JSON over Basic or OAuth 2 authentication.

Implementation & Integration

Implementation & integration approach by collaborative technology, solution accelerators, and unlimited resources.

From Idea To AppExchange

We have done it for many publicly listed apps on AppExchange. We are happy to be your team on this innovative journey.

Support & Managed Services

We extends the capabilities of internal teams with subscription-based access to cloud expertise and ready-made solutions based.

YVE Actionable Strategy

Data has many benefits. But with data points constantly being collected and updated, marketers can have trouble managing it.

Salesforce Custom Development

Your Virtual Experts team is expert in customizing Salesforce. Our code don't fail in production, scalability is foundation.

Solution / Code Review / Architecture

Save your hard earned money from going in vain. Why don't you schedule a solution review session with our experts?

Salesforce 1 Mobile Apps

We understand challenges with mobile web and know how to deliver apps which works really smooth on Salesforce1 mobile.

Lightning Components

We were among first few partners to list a Lightning component on newly introduced AppExchange Components marketplace.