Solution/Architecture / Code Review

  • Salesforce is a cloud company. Everything we offer resides in the trusted, multitenant cloud.
  • The Salesforce platform is the foundation of our services. It’s powered by metadata and made up of different parts, like data services, artificial intelligence, and robust APIs for development.
  • All our apps sit on top of the platform. Our prebuilt offerings like Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud, along with apps you build using the platform, have consistent, powerful functionality.
  • Everything is integrated. Our platform technologies like Einstein predictive intelligence and the Lightning framework for development are built into everything we offer and everything you build.

Code Review

A code review is a mercifully simple concept to understand. Code reviews are aptly named since they are essentially the practice of having another developer on your team review your code before you merge it upstream.

Code reviewers are looking for a number of things:
  • Logic Errors and Code Quality
  • Any Missing Acceptance Criteria
  • Type of test coverage


A solution is a detailed description of a customer issue and the resolution of that issue. Solution managers, administrators, and users with the appropriate permissions can create, review, and categorize solutions. They can also publish solutions to the Self-Service portal and make solutions public.

The Solutions tab displays a home page that lets you quickly locate and manage solutions. If your organization uses solution categories, you can browse for and find solutions by category. You can also sort and filter solutions using standard and custom list views.